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7th out of 47 starters. Quali: 9th. ~50 spectators
Outstanding last race of the season for me (I will skip the last championship race). After a great start riding in 5th position in race 1, I moved up to 4th and closed the gap to 3rd, just a few seconds behind the leaders. In lap 9 just two and a half laps before the end, I set the guy in front of me up for a pass, but just when I was accelerating he made an unexpected mistake, came into my way and I went down over his rear wheel... damn it, that would have been the podium race position I was so much longing for! But after the disappointment settled, I was quite happy fighting for the first time for the race lead. My best race lap time was only 0.3 sec. slower than the fastest race time. Second race was all rain, solid performance considering that I suffered a cold and overall 7th.
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Race Prep

Four weeks since the last race,. I used the time to get the bike back in shape and worked on my fitness further. I also had one motocross practice to stay in shape on the bike. Unfortunately, a Octoberfest visit MOnday before the race gave me some cold, which weakened me over the week and on race day, I felt 50:50 to stay home or go. Didn't feel too weak, so decided to go and give it my best. Didn't really help that it was pretty cold and it rained during the night and more rain predicted for the day... also, there was a big Supermoto race in Belgium, so rider and spectator turnout were low. But all the top riders from the championship in my class showed up.
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Track was wet in the morning, but no new rain came down. Since it was quite cold, the track did not dry very quickly. I was in the third group for practice and qualifying and I gambled on the rear tire, putting the slick on although it was still wet on some oarts of the track. Just before the start before practice, the bike wouldn't start. Turned out that the battery was low... my mistake, I forgot to tell the dealer to charge the battery. With the help of a handful people, we managed to push the bike until it started, but it took full 10 minutes, so no free practice and I was very exhausted from running. Tires were also cold again. After three laps, the rear tire warmed up sufficiently and in lap 4 I clocked my first fast lap. Track also got more dry every minute, so this should have helped. First I tried to wait for the usually fastest guy on this track to go behind him, but he didn't eat the bait and stopped his lap. Then I tried to get another free lap, I think I tried another three laps but in each lap, someone got in my way and ruined it. I knew I could do faster and the times showed that anythinh between 3rd and 7th would have been possible, but this way I ended 9th... third row on the outside, not a bad starting position.
Quali result: 9th
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Race 1

The race of the year really, of course didn'tt know before... ;-) Before the race it was really tricky. Didn't really rain, but it was predicted, really unclear. It was too risky to choose the slick tire on the back, so decided to not risk anything and go for rain tires front and back like most others. The good old Pirelli/Metzeler combo. I came off the grid ok, not brilliant, but stayed on the outside. The crowd gathered inside and braked early,  I carried the speed on the outside and  came out of the first corner on 5th position! The front group stayed together the following group, the leaders could not pull away. I was ok in the offroad, lost a little bit out of the offroad part, but always moved up quickly to the guys in front after the first corner after the start/finish straight on asphalt. In lap seven, I moved upclose in that corner and accelerated faster into the next right turn and went by! 4th position and moving away quickly. Next two laps, I managed to put a little distance between me and him and move up to the guy in front of me, the two leaders only few seconds away. I was faster so I checked where I could try a pass. Two opportunities really, one was after a tight left turn onto a long straight before the offroad. So in lap 10, I braked later, turned in earlier to cut the corner short and hit the gas little earlier then the guy in front to accelerate faster on the inside. Just at that moment, he made a mistake, slipped, turned unexpected to the inside into my line and slowed down... bad combination, I tried to avoid the contact and go behind his rear wheel to the outside but it was too late - I crahed into him and went down over his wheel... he didn't fall and continued. Until I picked up the bike, I lost three positions and continued on 7th, just before the following guy. I defended 7th for the last two laps and thus finished 7th.
Never came so close to the front this year, my fasted lap time was just 0.3sec. slower than the fastest lap time of the race. So, very happy with my performance, unlucky on the result this time.
Race 1 result: 7th
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Race 2

It started raining before the second race and it got really wet. My rear tire was not fresh anymore even before this race, but after the first race, it was gone. Luckily, I could get a new one at the track, although not my preferred choice, still better than a totally used old one. It rained from the beginning, not hard but constantly. I had again an okay start, this time two riders moved to the outside in front of me, so I couldn't carry the speed through the corner. Then it got really crowded before the next right turn, but I used my elbows a little to defend my 6th position. Again, first four laps the leading group of seven riders stayed pretty much together. The guy behind me was really strong on the little offroad part, in lap three showed himself the first time next to me, but could defeat him. In lap four he was just too fast and went by at the same spot. I could follow him and he passed another guy in lap seven. Rain continued and it got really slippery. I didn't want to risk too much, got closer to the guy in front of me sometimes, then lost again a little. In the end, I secured 7th position.
Race 2 result: 7th
Overall: 7th
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Next race

Now season is over for me, but after the season is before the season. Bike will be cleaned, completly overhauled and get ready for the next season! Thanks to IZOD for the great support this year!!
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