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6th out of 70 starters. Quali: 7th. ~100 spectators
A full rain race day, it did not stop raining from morning to evening - save some little breaks. Offroad is not a problem in Lelystad because it has a solid ground and is rather small. I had my best qualifying this year and two very good races to finish 6th overall. Still, I felt that things didn't come all together so I decided to secure the great race positions without risking anything for little gain.  But we'll return to Lelystad twice this year and see what's possible then.
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Race Prep

The result of the last race in Holten was quite motivating. Between that race and the race in Lelystad, we had our photo shooting for Izod at a practice day in Lelystad. One, great preparation for the race and two, amazing pictures for Izod. Soon to come. I also found a KTM dealer that could be of great support for me in the future, so hope this works out. Then the supply problems from Germany come to an end. He flushed by brake systems and I could feel the difference. Much improved response on the brakes right away, although this more aggressive response required double attention in wet conditions. So, only I didn't find a replacement for the used up rear rain tire, but hoped for dry conditions. On race day, I only found a Bridgestone tire instead of my usual Pirelli, which was not optimal but better than the used one. It really was not ridable anymore after Holten.
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So, non-stop rain from the morning, track all wet and still slightly raining during qualifying. First 10 minutes are free practice as always and to my surprise, I clocked the 3rd best time during the free practice, quite nice. During qualifying, I increased my speed lap by lap and found a good rhythm. My fastest lap was recorded in lap 4. On the following fast lap, I pushed it further bit by bit and had a really good lap so far. But then pushed it a little too hard in the last corner, a relatively fast left corner on new asphalt, which was more slippery than the old track, and I lost the front wheel and went down. The Alpinestars leather did its job and didn't even show scratches, so only the rain jacket was gone. Bike and myself were ok, but I was warned how fast it can go in these conditions. So no further improvement as time ticked down, but it turned out to be a great result: 7th starting position and therefore second row! My time was within 0.4 sec to fifth position and another 1 sec to fourth - all still in reach, just again the offroad, my weak spot; not a good one on a track where it is quite difficult to pass otherwise.
One thing I noticed after qualifying was that my rear tire already took a beating and I had some concerns if it will hold both remaining races.
Quali result: 7th
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Race 1

We were lucky in our race, it stopped raining just before the start and stayed dry throughout. Eventful race that started off with a great start. I came off the grid very well and found a good way through the first corner - always good to make it through first corner without any incidents in such conditions. After four corners, I was in 6th positon and I kept contact to the one in front of me. But then I got surprised in the first offroad section and passed - a tricky but clean move, I couldn't defend it because I noticed too late. Second surprise in lap three, where I left the inside open in a long right turn and another one slipped through - pissed me off a little. First, I could keep in touch with both and we approached another rider who had a great start from position nine. Both passed him in lap four, but I got stuck behind and lost contact to them, In lap six, I made a great move through the outside line after start finish and was back in 7th position. Unfortunately, the other two were already away and after pushing another lap, I realized I can't close the gap without risk. Since I was safe on my position, I decided to save rear tire considering the look of it after qualifying and ride it home carefully.
Race 1 result: 7th
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Race 2

Second race, rain was back, although light and therefore managable. I had an even better start to the first corner, but then was blocked for a split second on the inside, so some riders passed with extra speed on the outside. I crossed behind one to the inside for the next right turn and just managed to position myself exactly level to him before turning in. Again good to have string elbows, so I defended my line and moved ahead for the next left turn - cool move! With this, I came out of first lap in 8th position. In lap four, I again was passed in the offroad section and dropped down to 9th, but this time keeping close contact. I knew I could go faster than the ones in front of me, but did not find a good way to go by. In lap six, two guys of this group went down, so I moved up to 7th again, directly behind sixth position. I was clearly faster on the asphalt part, trying different lines, but was not aggressive enough to make a move... and in lap seven, I lost a line in the offroad and the guy behind me used the chance to go by - down to 8th again. He managed to also pass the other guy in front of us - of course in the offroad part - and I stayed right behind them until the finish line, but didn;t find a way to pass. So 8th it was. Since the others had quite different results in both races, I finished 6th in aggregate!
Race 2 result: 8th
Overall: 6th
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Next race

The next race is already next week on 3 and 4 September in Joure. Again, I hope for good weather, but will prepare a new rear rain tire just in case ;-) It is a two day format because it is part of a village fest or something, let's see.
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