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Supermoto and Motocross bikes and equipment stolen in Amsterdam !!

Up to 5,000 Euro reward !! 
Up to 5,000 Euro reward !!

For hints and information, please send an e-mail to or refer to the Dutch police under der reference number 2014057900 – stolen bikes from Zuid-Hollandstraat, Amsterdam.
Download PDF Overview, including all pictures

Stolen KTM SMR 450  Stolen Yamaha YZF450, year 2007
KTM SMR 450, model year 2010 + Yamaha YZF450, model year 2007

There was a break-in into my garage at Zuid-Hollandstraat in Amsterdam, likely January or February 2014 (according to neighbors, theoretically could have been also October - December 2013) and most of my racing equipment was stolen.
Anyone who can provide hints that will lead to finding the thieves will receive a reward of 2,000 Euro and if I can get stolen goods back, there will be an extra reward of up to 3,000 Euro (depending what I can get back). So, if you can help solving this, you can receive a reward up to 5,000 Euro !!

List of Stolen Things
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Download PDF Overview, including all pictures

Supermoto bike
Many parts, especially bike, leathers and neck brace, branded with “IZOD"

KTM Supermoto 450, model year 2010
-    Highly customized
-    Serial number: to come
-    Likely sold in parts
-    Special WP suspension, semi-factory internals (a technician would know!)
-    Special twin-pipe DOMA exhaust system
-    Air filter intake cut up to make room for second pipe
-    Magura dual brake system, two brake discs
    -    Twin Disc brake system 770
    -    770.2 brake pads

-    Renthal fat bars
-    Black PVM wheels, rear rim engraved inside with "Husaberg 450”
-    Tuned engine, engine head modified
-    Handlebar damping system “PHDS Progressive”
-    Special battery: blue lithium battery
-    Extra set of wheels with spokes (rain tire set). Front tire(s) Pirelli Diabolo rain

Motocross Bike

Yamaha YZF 450, model year 2007
-    Serial number: to come
-    Color: blue
-    450cc
-    “Mototech” suspension service, stickers likely removed   Mototech
-    Rear wheel hub where sprocket is installed is worn out (can only be seen when sprocket is removed)
-    Hour meter installed on right side at triple clamp (may be removed by now)
-    Decals on radiator were fixed by grey duck tape
-    Exhaust pipe metal clamp came off
-    Blue hand guards (not on picture)

Stolen equipment:

-    Several Supermoto tires: Metzler slicks K1 Racetec, one Michelin rear rain tire (17 SM-R P18B Rain Tyre Rear), Pirelli front rain tire
-    Tire heaters, branded “RS Racing Suspension”; front tire heater damaged at one spot
-    Boots Alpinestars Tech 7 Supermoto, black, size 11
-    Grey “Fox Gearbag” Motocross bag, including:

    -    Alpinestars Neckbrace “Bionic”
    -    Alpinestars Carbon Knee brace, right. Fixture of lower part repaired. Straps show traces of white tape, very hard to remove… Front protection cap is missing
    -    Several Oakley goggles “O Frame” in colors black, silver, carbon
    -    Several pairs of gloves, among them one pair of black MvD Supermoto gloves (left and right different!), two pairs of “Fox Bomber Glove”, red/black
    -    Falke sport socks, knee height
    -    Helmet "Axo Carbon”, black and blue, size “XS”
-    Two Alpinestars S1 leather suits, black/white, size 54:
-    One black/white Alpinestars S1 leather suits, size 54, with IZOD stickers on upper arm, thighs, neck. This one is in fairly good condition
-    Another black/white Alpinestars S1 leather suit, size 54, with little branding. Very worn
-    Tire cutter, brand “Rillfill”, blue
-    Handle bars

    -    Renthal Fat Bar KTM OEM Silver, No. 827-01
    -    Renthal Fat Bar KTM High Black, No. 826-01
-    Power generator, red, from Makro
-    Akrapovic exhaust pipe