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RACE IN HOLTEN, 19-August 2012
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7th out of 56 starters. Quali: 10th. ~500 spectators
My bad luck in first motos of the day continues. Fun racing at least, but not good for results ;-) Overall, I finished well in 7th out of 56 starters. First race was full of action, with some mistakes on my side, but avoided any crashes at least. It was the hottest day of the year with 38 degrees Celsius in the afternoon! Somehow it was still manageable, luckily with a little breeze during the day.
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Race Prep

The bike worked perfectly last race, so nothing had to be fixed. Just a new rear tire, that one really took a beating last weekend! Weather was certainly a factor on race day, the hottest day of the year with temperatures reaching up to 38 degrees Celsius! Therefore, race prep was key. A lot of cooling water, a lot of drinking water and sports drinks and light food.
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Qualification was at 9:30 in the morning, so temperatures were still in the mid-twenties. I chose my old leather suit, which is a bit more spacious and comfortable. The track was somehow very busy, a lot of slow riders sort of occupying the track. The offroad section was very sandy at the entry, a very loose right turn and then a straight with three jumps that were easy. Every second lap, someone was laying in this sandy corner. I stopped almost every fast lap because someone got in the way. It would have been better to just let it flow and then catch a clear lap in the progress. But I let myself interrupted a lot and ultimately couldn’t clock a really fast time. 10th in qualifying was certainly sub-optimal… what’s even more disturbing; I missed only half a second to fifth position. Top 3 were out of reach, everything else looked possible.
Quali result: 10th
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Race 1

As often recently, I got off the line very well, but the guy in front of me didn’t, so I was a little blocked. Entering the offroad, it went wild, gained some, lost some in the first two corners. At the exit of the offroad, a guy fell on the asphalt and I went by on the left side, but of course had to slow down a little. One rider went by inside and one in front of me slowed. We went on the fast straight, fifth gear, and I had a good position to pass one. Unfortunately, I braked too late on the inside and I risked to hit another rider full sideways as he was about to turn into the right corner. So I decided to actually loosen the brakes again and even accelerated a little to go straight into the emergency exit. This meant I had to turn around to get back on the track, obviously losing a lot of positions… I was in 17th after lap one to be precise… in lap two, I passed six riders, coming out of lap two already back in 11th position. I gained more positions in third lap, but another a bit too ambitious attempt made me miss another corner and again, I had to take the emergency exit and turn around to come back. Now 13th after lap three… Somehow I got a good motivation out of this and went into full attack mode. In lap seven, I was in 10th position with a huge gap to 9th, I couldn’t even see him on the long straights. But my speed was great and I kept pushing, suddenly coming closer and closer. In the end, I finished 9th, only one second behind 7th. Very unfortunate, one more lap…
Race 1 result: 9th
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Race 2

Had a decent start, again with a lot of action in the offroad. I came out of first lap in 11th position only. I managed two passes and moved up to 9th position. Then down one and up one again, running in 9th until lap 10. Cees Haan passed me on the inside line of the offroad, this way I found out that this was the better line. I was able to follow him closely and we caught up with the two positions in front of us. In lap fourteen, Cees made a little mistake and I pulled up on him inside on one of the straights and I passed him with only two laps to go! Unfortunately, I screwed it up in the next offroad section; I went inside, missed a bit the drive and he went by outside again… but I stuck with him. In the last lap, we moved close to both riders in front of us. I tried to pass Ceed first in the offroad, which didn’t work out. Normally, that’s it, but the two riders in front of us ran into each other on a down slope right turn and crashed quite hard. While two bikes were literally flying around and two riders on the ground, Cees avoided to hit any of them by braking really hard and moving to the right. I had a little more time, so went to the right and thought maybe I can take advantage of the situation to get by Cees! But in the spirit of safety first, I left him room for the following chicane. Two more corners and I was right at his rear wheel, but he didn’t make a mistake, so we finished 7th and 8th. Exciting race action with a quite good result in the end.
By the way, I managed the heat very well; I didn’t get very tired in the races. But it took almost seven liters of water and sports drinks and another ten for cooling only ;-)
Race 2 result: 8th
Overall: 7th
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Next race

Again, just next week in Joure. A terrible offroad section for me with deep ruts. Plan is to go there and mainly use as much practice time as possible and then see how to go about the race. After that, there is only the last race in Lelystad end of September and potentially the Supermotard in Mette, the world’s biggest Supermoto event! Let’s see how the calendar works out.
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